New Sound China UK | 中英合璧新乐章

A British Chinese Concert (part of A Little Bite Music festival)

Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 25.09.15 @12:30, Free Entry
曼彻斯特桥水音乐厅 2015年9月25日周五 12点30分,免费入场

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Note: Registering for New Sound China UK will help us towards making the concert a great experience for our audience. However, this does not guarantee your seating during the concert. New Sound China UK happens as part of Bridgewater Hall's A Little Bite Music concert series, which is a free non-ticketed event in the Stalls Foyer. Seats are given on a first come first serve basis. Audiences are advised to arrive early to secure a seat. There will also be a number of standing places available on the day.

Chi Ling Lok Wang Xiao Dr. Cheng Yu Xu Muzi
Chi-Ling Lok,
Wang Xiao, Erhu
Chinese Fiddle
Dr. Cheng Yu, Pipa
Chinese Lute
Xu Muzi, Guzheng
Chinese Zither



Gabriel Prokofiev


Gabriel Prokofiev, Composer

Gabriel Prokofiev is a London-based composer, producer, DJ and founder of the NONCLASSICAL record label & club night. Composing music that both embraces and challenges western classical traditions, Gabriel has emerged at the forefront of a new approach to classical music in the UK.

Effy Efthymiou

Effy Efthymiou, Composer

Effy Efthymiou is a British composer who works in both electronic and acoustic sound. Her works have been performed at all major UK music venues, her music is published by Edition HH and she has been the recipient of awards from, among others, PRS, ACE and The Wellcome Trust.

New Sound China UK (Concert Webpage) takes the audience into an exciting journey of traditional and contemporary Chinese music, which culminates into the premieres of two new commissions for Chinese instruments and the piano by renowned British composers Gabriel Prokofiev and Effy Efthymiou.

This concert is directed by the pianist-curator Chi-Ling Lok (Piano Music Video) and features Europe’s top Chinese ensemble Silk String Trio (SST Music Video) with the international virtuosos Dr. Cheng Yu, pipa (Chinese lute), Wang Xiao, erhu (Chinese fiddle) and Xu Muzi, guzheng (Chinese zither). As part of the popular concert series A Little Bite Music, New Sound China UK happens as a Free Non-Ticketed concert in the stalls foyer of the Bridgewater Hall and is followed by a lively Post Concert Discussion with the composers, Chinese musicians and the audience.

Join us for an exploration into the wealth of Chinese musical traditions, not just in their classical forms, but also in an exciting modern blend with Western musical concepts inspired by leading British composers.

Director, Chi-Ling Lok


“中英合璧新乐章”(New Sound China UK)音乐会 (音乐会网址) 将带领观众进入一场令人兴奋的传统和当代中国音乐之旅。它将集中展示中国传统乐器及当代音乐与两位知名英国作曲家Gabriel Prokofiev 和Effy Efthymiou 合作产生的新声音。

该音乐会项目由钢琴演奏家Chi-Ling Lok(演奏视频在此) 策划,合作音乐家为欧洲知名中乐团“丝弦三重奏”的琵琶演奏家程玉,古筝演奏家许木子以及二胡演奏家王潇 (丝弦三重奏视频)。作为曼彻斯特桥水音乐厅极受欢迎的“音乐尝鲜”(A little Bite Music)系列之一,“中英合璧新乐章”将以免费无票音乐会的形式在音乐厅大厅门厅举行,音乐会之后将有英国作曲家、中国音乐家及观众的互动讨论。


音乐会总策划 骆芷玲


  • Tickets: This is a Free Non-Ticketed event. Seats go on a first-come-first-serve basis. Limited standing places available.
  • Date and Time: Friday 25.09.15 @12:30
  • Address: Stalls Foyer Halls, The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3WS
  • Telephone: 0161 907 9000